QAuditor is a web application designed to manage Layered Process Audits (LPA), 5Ss, safety audits and much more. With its responsive application can be accessed through any device such as tablets, Smart Phones to perform online audits. It has never been that easy to perform audits real-time, please give us a call or request a demo for more information.


No infrastructure/IT personnel needed
Secure access 24/7
No implementation costs
No hidden costs. Customer pays a yearly fee
Data is backed up securely
Secured communication by SSL Encryption
Unlimited technical support & updates
Verify compliance to the documented process
Foster discipline
Improve communication
Improve overall quality
Ensures a high level of process control by identifying & controlling high risk / significant process elements
Maintains proper application of standards as defined & achieved through operational readiness process
Identify opportunities for improvement & provide a process for effective follow up
Responsive Model
Images & audit evidences captured real-time
Access from any device
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QAuditor Features

Automatic Audits Scheduling based on our flexible algorithm
Automate Audit Notifications & Alerts
Checklists flexible administration
Store Audit Results & Images/Evidences
Record Corrective Actions / Open Items Follow-up
Powerful custom audit reports & business intelligence
Online processing via our Responsive QAuditor App
User interface & checklists multi-language
Organization / Multi-Plants Model supported

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